Notice of policy updates

This is a formal notice of a policy update. Please see the information below regarding the policy being updated and a summary of changes. This summary of changes is offered as a courtesy to our Users; however, PelUS still encourages Our Users to review the policy in its entirety.

Please note: This notice was only required for a B-level change in the Privacy Policy. However, we have also issued an updated Terms of Service as a C-level change.

Privacy Policy

New Version: 2.1.0


  • Changed the name from “PelUS” to “PelUS, LLC” in the Introduction section.
  • Removed the section “When this policy applies” and replaced it with “Scope of this policy.” This updates some definitions and matches the Terms of Service.
  • Added section regarding PelUS, LLC, “Regarding the formation of PelUS, LLC.”
  • The section “Information We collect” has been expanded to include more detail, with the addition of new subsections that were not previously present.
  • The section “How We use collected information” has been expanded.
  • The section “Information We share” has been expanded and includes information about PayPal, used for payment processing.
  • Updated the format for the section “Changes to this policy.” This is a carry-over from the Terms of Service.
  • Added section “Your acceptance of this policy.”
  • Added new section “Supplemental information.”
  • These updates were classified as a B-level change. Significant updates were made to the text in order to better explain the policy as it applies to general visitors and clients.

You may view the updated policy in full at

Should you have any questions, please contact us via our Contact page at or via email,

Thank you for your attention to this important message.

Gene Gutierrez
Owner, Operator