RePixelated Technologies’ commitment to the LGBT community


This statement finds it way to you from the desk of the Owner and Acting CEO of RePixelated Technologies, Gene Gutierrez. In light of recent events, I felt it would be useful to reinforce our commitment to the LGBT community. I myself identify as a bisexual man, so this is an issue that is very important to me.

On behalf of RePixelated Technologies, I commit to the advancement of the LGBT community. I am also excited to announce that plans are in place for a new project backed by RePixelated. We are currently working with our partner, and will be happy to share more once we have enough information ready to go.

Thank you for choosing to work with RePixelated Technologies, a member of the Albuquerque LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce. For questions, comments, or concerns, we invite you to contact us via our online form. Partnership requests are invited, and will be reviewed by our team.


Gene Gutierrez
Owner, Acting CEO
RePixelated Technologies