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Welcome to your digital life, simplified.

Managing your digital assets and services can be a chore. Our goal is to help you take back control of your digital life using existing services to combine as many services as possible! We are happy to help you sort through these services to help you succeed, and can help with simple setup in many cases. Should things get a bit too technical, we’ll act as your liaison to the service’s helpline to finish the job.

Cloud Suite

The Cloud Suite is your “base of operations.” It incorporates many services that are often needed by businesses such as email, storage, and more. Some even offer the ability to monitor company mobile devices, without the need for extra software. For businesses that don’t need the full suite, many other options exist as well.


Email is a vital tool for any modern business. From managing online accounts to receiving customer information, a clean email service could be the thing that saves your business from going under. Let us help you get your email set up with a reliable service, and show you how to use the new service with your existing email provider, if you have one. Soon enough, you’ll see how a modern email service will really increase your productivity!

Online storage and office

Online storage allows businesses to do two things. First, it provides an online backup of files in case a system crashes completely. Second, many online storage services include an online office, allowing you to edit files as needed from different devices, or at the least share them with ease between multiple devices. Now, there’s no need to find the correct flash drive or even hope you sent it in an email recently – the file is available when you need it.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

CRMs are useful for managing multiple projects at once. As a matter of fact, we use a CRM to monitor our projects. You can have simple CRMs or more complex ones, so let us help you find the one for you. (Works best in combination with our Web Design services.)

Other services

There are other services available as well, so please let us know what you are looking for. We may also be able to provide suggestions along the way as we work for the most simple solution to your business’s needs.

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